South Africa, Tanzania and Zanzibar – Five Week Tour


A two-week tour of the history rich, immensely diverse and beautiful country of South Africa.

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The Five-Weeks Tour begins in the awe-inspiring country of South Africa, continues through to the venturesome Tanzania and ends on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

The tour starts off in “the mother city” (Cape Town) where you will be able to engage in
various activities such as sky diving, township cycling tours with locals and visiting the
magnificent penguins at boulders beach. You will also can also hike the one of the Seven Natural
Wonders of the World; Table Mountain and visit Robben Island where the iconic Nelson Mandela
was imprisoned for 18 years.

The tour continues along the garden route, you will see some of the most beautiful coastline.
A few of the activities you can enjoy along the way are; shark cage diving in Hermanus, bungee
jumping in Knysna, surfing in Jeffreys Bay, horseback riding in Underberg and overnight hiking
in the Drakensberg mountains!

The tour in South Africa ends up in “the city of gold” (Johannesburg). Here you will be able to
do a very eye-opening tour through Soweto, meeting and engaging with many locals. Visit Gold
Reef City amusement park, do an underground mining tour and visit the apartheid museum.

Your journey continues to Tanzania. Here you will be awed by the abundant wildlife in the
Serengeti National Park, see Mount Kilimanjaro which is also known as the roof of Africa, visit
Ngorongoro Crater (sometimes referred to as the eighth natural wonder of the world) and visit a
Maasai village. You will get a chance to browse some souvenirs on sale, partake in a traditional
welcome dance and have your perspective challenged by speaking and engaging with some of
the locals. This part of your trip exposes you to magnificent safaris, breathtaking natural wonders
and a culture which has been in Tanzania since the 17th century.

This once in a lifetime trip ends in the majestic Zanzibar. While here you are able to do
snorkeling, swim with a pod of dolphins, enjoy some of the nightlife and relax on some of the
most beautiful beaches in the world!

Tour Highlights:

[icon_tick state=”on”]Township Cycling Tour
[icon_tick state=”on”]Robben Island
[icon_tick state=”on”]Skydiving
[icon_tick state=”on”]Paragliding
[icon_tick state=”on”]Rock Climbing
[icon_tick state=”on”]Boulders Penguin Colony


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