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From golden beaches and jagged mountains in the South to beautiful national parks overflowing with stunning wildlife in the North – South Africa has it all.

South Africa’s cities are no less varied. Cape Town, know as the Mother City offers vibrant and multicultural neighbourhoods, famous vineyards, a lively nightlife and fine dining to equal any European capital. Johannesburg, the capital is equally as cosmopolitan the energetic.


Best Time to go:

The best time to visit South Africa depends on what kind of activities you’d like to experience.  The drier winter months between May and October is the best time for superb game viewing on a South Africa safari in the North. For a relaxed beach holiday the best months are duing the hot summer which run from November and March.


Tours including South Africa

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Cape Town

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Cape Town

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Garden Route

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Cape Town, Pilansberg & Johannesburg

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