Cape Prosperous Tours

“Cape Prosperous Tours” (PTY)Ltd 2016/126601/07 is registered as a Private Limited in the Republic of South Africa and trading under the name “Cape Prosperous Tours”. At Cape Prosperous we make use of our core strength which is our in depth and passionate knowledge of the beautiful Continent of Africa along with our ability to meet clients’ expectations when travelling to Africa. In consideration with client’s wishes and budget, we will strive to ensure that our clients are met while taking heed of various factors such as age, level of comfort required, highlights they want to cover, time available and budget.

These are the services we offer you and in order to ensure a correct understanding between ourselves and to clarify our relationship, these terms and conditions have been created. They govern our relationship and the terms of the services offered and accepted so please ensure that you have read through them and familiarised yourself sufficiently before entering into a contract with us as doing so means that you have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.


1. To secure your reservation, a 50% (fifty percent) deposit will be required to be paid to Cape Prosperous at the time of reservation of the booking and submission of the completed booking form. Failure to do so timeously will result in the automatic cancellation of your booking.

2. The remaining balance of payment amounting to 50% (fifty percent) must be paid to us 60 days prior to the commencement of your booking however if you have booked your trip within 60 days of departure, the full payment must be paid on date of reservation to secure your booking.

3. Should you be quoted by us in a foreign currency, payment to us will need to be made in either South African rand (ZAR) or United States Dollars (USD) and C.P.T will advise you in which currency payment is to be made as the election in this regard does not belong with the client. Any bank charges incurred as a result of such a payment or foreign exchange differences will be for your account, notwithstanding the method of payment chosen.

4. Cape Prosperous Tours reserves the right to cancel reservations should your deposit or balance of payment not be received on time.


1. All vouchers, tickets and receipts issued by the supplier, or any third party will be subject to their terms and conditions and you undertake to abide thereby while doing so and participating throughout the trip at your own risk and liability.


1. All cancellations must be done in writing and receipt thereof acknowledged by Cape Prosperous to be a valid cancellation.

2. Cancellation of bookings is subject to the following conditions:

2.1. More than 61 days prior to booking, deposit is non-refundable.

2.2. 60 days or less prior to the booking date, all payments made to various suppliers are subject to their terms and conditions. Cape Prosperous Tours will also charge a service fee before any possible refunds are made.

3. We will endeavour to confirm your booking as soon as possible after receipt of payment of deposit however should we fail to secure this booking for any reason whatsoever, we will strive to procure alternative booking arrangements. Should these alternative arrangements not be suitable for yourself, Cape Prosperous will refund your payment

4. You will not be entitled to refunds for a no show or for a partially used bookings for activities with our suppliers.

5. In the unlikely event of a misquotation being made by Cape Prosperous, we reserve the right to cancel or amend a booking without any liability if the misquote results in a cost implication and any payment already made will be refunded to you.

6. Should any errors occur on our website, brochures or other advertising or marketing material with regard to pricing, Cape Prosperous reserves the right to correct it as soon as it is brought to our attention and cannot be held bound thereby.


1. Any complaints must be addressed in writing to Cape Prosperous via email to or post to 15 White Waters Close, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa, 7441 for the attention of the Owner.

2. We aim to reply within 10 days of receipt of your complaint and will make every effort to resolve any dispute after investigation and this will be communicated back to you as soon as possible.


1. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your travel documents are in order and up to date and immigration regulations such as visas and / or permits are satisfactorily obtained and in your possession for travel. It is advisable that you contact the consular or embassy of your destination country as well as countries passing through, in order to verify the requirements and ensure that you are adequately prepared. No refunds due to incomplete travel documentation will be given

2. Your passport must have sufficient blank visa pages available in accordance with the regulations of the various African countries. It is recommended that a minimum of 2 (two) blank pages per country that you will be visiting or passing through be available in your passport. Furthermore, your passport must be valid for the prescribed period as contained in the applicable regulations of the countries you will visiting or passing through.

3. If you are travelling with a minor child, you will need their unabridged birth certificate and if only one parent is travelling with the minor, you will need to provide a letter of consent from the absent parent that the minor is allowed to travel with you.

4. This is not a comprehensive list of the required travel documents and should not be construed as such.


1. We will present you with an itinerary but prosperous travel through Africa is intended to be meaningful, fun, spontaneous and adventurous. This results in the itinerary being little more than a guideline of your trip and subject to change as there are many factors and conditions beyond the control of Cape Prosperous, such as extreme weather, political conditions, outbreak and road passabilty to mention, but not be limited, to a few.

2. Should alternative arrangements be deemed necessary, Cape Prosperous will endeavour to provide this as adequately as possible. Should alternative arrangements not be possible, we will strive to refund you the portion of unutilized services, subject to our recovery from the supplier. Similarly should you choose not to partake in the alternate itinerary, Cape Prosperous will strive to refund you as above and subject to recovery from the supplier.

3. Should it be necessary to arrange alternative or additional transport to the end destination of the trip, Cape Prosperous will assist where possible and any additional cost of procuring such transport will be payable by you, as necessary.


1. African countries have varying inoculation, immunization and medication requirements and it is essential that you familiarize yourself with these and take the necessary action timeously as travel will not be permitted unless you meet these requirements which are your full responsibility. It is furthermore your responsibility to be familiar with all diseases, both real and potential, when travelling to and through Africa and to take the necessary precautions and vaccinations.

2. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit and healthy for travel and in some cases you may be required on request to provide a medical statement from a medical practitioner to confirm that you are fit and healthy to travel.


1. If you are suffering from any illness or disability, or are undergoing any medical treatment, you must declare this openly and honestly to Cape Prosperous at the time of booking your trip. In a similar manner, if you are affected by any condition that may affect you or others during your trip in any way, you must comprehensively advise Cape Prosperous at the time of your booking.

2. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for the provision of any medication or treatment while you are away

3. Failing to declare any conditions, illnesses, disability or the like, will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions and can result in you being excluded from your booked trip or excursion without refund of any payment.


1. All the terms and conditions governing your trip and our relationship are set out in this document that you have agreed to upon completion of your booking form. These terms and conditions will prevail in the event of any contradiction in the documents so please ensure your familiarity with them as you have agreed to be bound hereby.

2.The terms and conditions of this agreement and supporting documents will be governed by the Laws of South Africa and shall be enforceable within the Republic of South Africa and its Courts.